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Who we are looking for


The Crédit Agricole Group is looking for talented and single-minded people who are interested in national and international banking, want to contribute their abilities and who would like to offer our customers the best possible products and services. 

We know that careers are based on diversity of experience. They are not a linear path, but a journey of encounters, projects and learning. On this path of challenges and successes, we want to grow together with our colleagues. To give you the best possible support in your career, the Crédit Agricole Group pursues an ambitious, global strategy for talent management.

If you are a student, an entrant to the profession or a professional and see yourself in this description, we should meet. No matter in which area or in which of our companies you find your role, you will have the opportunity to contribute your own perspective and to support our joint development with your personal abilities. 

We are looking for colleagues who

  • …communicate honestly and openly 
  • …put their heart and soul into their roles and projects
  • …prefer to win in a team
  • …have customer satisfaction as their priority
  • …are open to new ideas and initiatives

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