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Ambitions 2022

Strategic ambitions

Customers and society in focus

As the tenth-biggest bank in the world and the third-biggest in Europe, Crédit Agricole finds itself in a strong position to meet the future challenges of the market resolutely and to continue to grow sustainably as a Group.

Since both the regulatory and technical environment but also the behaviour of our customers and the expectations of society are constantly developing, we have approved a mid-term strategy for the coming years based on the well-founded know how in our areas of expertise.



For the coming years, the Crédit Agricole Group is aiming to strengthen its solvency further, optimise its operating efficiency and increase its profits in all business areas.

The mid-term strategy up to 2022 is accelerated by three performance drivers:

  1. Growth in all our business areas by creating market-leading positions and deepening our customer relationships, as well as expanding our universal banking model by developing our partnerships.
  2. Tapping income synergies, especially by means of our customer-orientated retail bank model.
  3. Acceleration of technological change to further improve our efficiency and the investment of EUR 15 billion in IT systems as well as a simplification of our organisational structures and processes. 


One vision – three concrete projects

Customer project

We will increase customer satisfaction in all business areas, increase the commitment of the entire Group to a zero-error culture and offer an exceptional online customer experience as well as innovative products and services.

Project for own responsibility

We will offer the customers constant access at local level to trained and independent contacts with fast reactions. This includes a transformation of management and the organisation as well as a framework for more trust and delegation.

Social project

We will strengthen the Group’s social engagement for the benefit of the general public, expand social links in the regions, develop financing with social effects and make green financing one of our key areas of expertise.


Raison d'être – The purpose of our actions

The highest aim of our Group is to be a trustworthy partner for all customers and to work every day in their interests and those of society.

Thanks to our solid market position and our diversified positioning, it is possible for us to provide transparent and loyal advice. Human responsibility is at the heart of our actions. We help all our customers to benefit from the best technological practices and ensure access to competent teams locally.

The Crédit Agricole Group is proud of its cooperative identity and relies on corporate governance that represents its customers. We demonstrate this to our customers and employees every day by…

  • supporting business, entrepreneurship and innovation in all regions.
  • advancing progress and transformation and fulfilling our role model function in the areas of society and environment as a Group.
  • treating all customers – from the private customer to the international company – equally.


You can find more information about the ambitions and the strategy of the Crédit Agricole Group on the international website.

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